Vold Smart Agent (VSA) Platform Architecture

VSA platform's architecture is built upon three primary components: Agent Development Frameworks, the Offchain Network, and Onchain activities.

Agent Development Frameworks: Frameworks like Morpheus, Autonolas, and Fetch underpin the creation and operation of AI agents within the VSA platform. These tools provide the necessary libraries and runtime environments for developing agents capable of complex tasks, including autonomous interaction with Web3 services.

Offchain Network: Users interact with the VSA through an offchain network layer that includes a frontend interface provided by the Vold dApp. This layer is crucial for handling operations that do not require the immutability or decentralization of the blockchain, thus optimizing transaction speeds and reducing costs.

Onchain: Onchain refers to activities directly recorded on the blockchain. In the VSA platform, AI agents are minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enabling unique identification and ownership. Operators in the network are incentivized through a reward system to maintain and execute the AI agents’ actions on the blockchain. This system includes a governance model allowing stakeholders to participate in decision-making processes that impact the network.

Together, these components create a cohesive system for the VSA, enabling scalable, efficient, and secure interactions.

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