This page covers the key details surrounding the Tokenomics of $VOLD, including the allocations, emissions and launch information.
Initial Total Supply = 10,000,000,000 (Ten Billion)
We will generate 10,000,000,000 (Ten Billion) $VOLD tokens which will be the initial total supply. There are no plans to ever generate more than this number. However, should the network grow exponentially beyond our modelling, the community and foundation shall be given the opportunity to vote for an increase in supply in order to keep up with user demand.


% of Total
Token Count
Unlock Schedule
Team & Advisors
Ecosystem Grants
Airdrop & Rewards
Token Foundation
Token Sale (Private)
Token Sale (Public)
Exchange Liquidity

Allocation Detail

Our tokenomics have been designed to ensure a balanced approach that ensures the potential longevity of the ecosystem whilst maximizing the success of the launch. Each allocation has been carefully considered across the following groups:
  • Treasury: 2,500,000,000 tokens (25% of total) are reserved for the treasury to fuel incentives and growth of the protocol.
  • Team & Advisors: 2,000,000,000 tokens (20% of total) will be distributed internally to private individuals and advisors that are part of the team developing the ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem Grants: 1,200,000,000 tokens (12% of total) will be set aside as a rewards pool to foster user engagement. The purpose of the pool is to reward activities that are difficult to quantify but add significant value to the community. Part of the monthly allocation will be distributed to the community at the Foundation’s discretion. Another part of the monthly allocation will be distributed according to what’s decided via monthly governance proposals.
  • Airdrop & Rewards: 1,500,000,000 tokens (15% of total) will be set aside for an airdrop and as community rewards.
  • Token Foundation: 500,000,000 tokens (5% of total) will be allocated to the Foundation. This portion of the token will be used to develop partnerships, marketing, investments and other functions the Foundation deems are in the best interest of improving the token ecosystem for VAE.
  • Token Sale (Private): 1,00,000,000 (10% of total) have been allocated to the private sale.
  • Token Sale (Public): A total of 600,000,000 tokens (6% of total) will be sold via a public token sale. This encourages early use of the token and raises the value for all participants in the ecosystem.
  • Exchange Liquidity: 200,000,000 tokens (2% of total) will be placed as liquidity across various exchanges. Doing so helps to ensure that there is a market for the token.

Estimated Emissions Schedule

We modeled the token emission over 6 years. Within this time frame, we anticipate three main stages. Stage one is the bootstrapping phase; this is the most vulnerable time of the network as its growth depends on the convictions of early adopters and partners. After being established, VOLD enters the growth stage, which unfolds as a network effect of the early adopters. The last stage is normalization, in which the value input in the network must be sufficient to sustain the network. To model these three stages, we took inspiration from nature and model our token distribution on a Sigmoid Curve. These Sigmoid Curves are known to appear in population growth and other natural processes.
Whilst we have taken great care using advanced modeling techniques, we cannot predict the future. Please see this as our best estimate only and not any form of guarantee.

Cumulative Issuance of Total Supply (Months)

Above, you see the total expected token issuance over time following the growth of our user population.

Token Distribution by Account ($VOLD Million/Months)

Above, you can see the expected rate of token distribution per month over time for each respective category and distribution schedule. The usage bound distribution curves (Verify and Earn Rewards, System Staking, Liquidity Staking, Pool Staking) may move to the left or right if the user adoption diverges from our predictive model.

Token Launch and Roadmap

In this section, we have outlined our plans for the $VOLD token, focusing on the specific near-term events as well as the long-term road-map.
Note that these dates are what we are current planning to do based on the information we have at this time. These plans/dates may change.
We intend to generate the full 10 Billion Tokens on the following date:
Date TBC

Private Sale

We intend the first sale of the token to be a private round; this round will only be open to specific investors we invite. As mentioned above, we intend to allocate 8% of the supply to this round, and it will likely have a discounted rate VS the Public sale, but it will have one of the longest vesting periods.
We intend the Private Sale of the full 800 million tokens to run from the following dates on the following date:
Date TBC

Public Sale

Following the completion of the Private Sale, we intend to run a Public Sale on the following exchanges/launchpads:
  • TBC
  • TBC
  • TBC
We intend for the Public Sale of the full 300 million tokens to run from the following dates:
Date TBC
Vold 2023