This page covers everything you need to know about events, currently in the context of volunteering.


What is an Event

An event is the term we use to define a specific activity. The types of activities can range from volunteering and coaching to reforestation, climate related initiatives and coding. Crucially, all events must have a clearly defined set of attributes:

  • Location

  • Date/Time

  • Type (Physical/Virtual)

  • Maximum activity hours

  • Tags

    • E.g. Environmental/Disaster Relief/Local-Community focused/etc. This will Initially be a free text field

  • Target Attendance

  • Max Attendance

  • Event objectives

  • Risks to achieving objectives

  • Any supports/resources needed ($VOLD Tokens, community support etc.)

Event Types

As mentioned above, the types of events can range drastically and, whilst we expect that because of the nature of activities, most events will be physical and located in the real world, there are many cases and benefits for virtual events. This also helps to maintain the accessibility of these opportunities for people who, for various reasons, may not be able to attend physical events. By providing different ways to participate, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and make a positive impact, regardless of their situation.

Finding Events

Finding an event to attend is one of the more subtle ways we intend to revolutionize this sector; we believe that, like many things in life, half the battle of getting people involved is making people aware of the activities that are happening.

After signing up in the VOLD App, you can navigate to the events screen, whereby the application will suggest events to you based on your location/preferences and of course, there will also be a specific search option so that you can look for the exact events that you want to attend.

We believe that this combination alone will drastically improve the rate of attendance because it removes one of the main barriers to volunteering by ensuring that people who are interested in participating, can find events that align with their values and preferences.

For more information on how this works in the application, please see the VOLD dApp section.

Creating Events

To create an event, you must first have a high enough reputation score. We have set this value at a level that ensures that you are indeed a human being to mitigate the chance of system exploitation via bots. This can be achieved by providing several connections to existing accounts or providing other information.

You can learn more about the specific roles involved in events and how rewards work by visiting the relevant sections.

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