⛓️Blockchain Auditability and AI Transparency

This section describes a branch of the Vold Protocol relating to Data Ownership and Monetisation


Vold integrates blockchain technology to bring unparalleled auditability and transparency to AI operations, revolutionizing how data use and model training are viewed and managed.

Ensuring Integrity and Transparency

  • Immutable Records: Blockchain provides a tamper-proof ledger, recording all AI model interactions and data transactions, ensuring every action is traceable and permanent.

  • Smart Contracts for AI Operations: These contracts govern AI model training and data usage, ensuring operations adhere to predefined rules and conditions, enhancing trust and reliability.

  • Public Verification: Blockchain allows for the public verification of AI operations, making the AI model's decisions and data usage transparent and accountable.


Through blockchain's auditability and smart contract governance, Vold ensures AI operations are transparent, secure, and aligned with user consent, setting a new standard for trust in AI systems.

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